We reserve the right to change this policy, as well as any other policies or agreements, at any time and for any reason.

I. Overview

In terms of high performance nft, metaverse website and web3,we take great satisfaction in offering the finest. Spending your hard-earned money just to be dissatisfied with your purchase is, as we all know, the worst possible scenario. We also understand that managing a server may be a difficult undertaking that overwhelms many individuals, and because of this, we also believe in treating our customers fairly and providing a realistic guarantee that they'll be happy with the service we offer. The scenarios listed below may indicate different ways to obtain a full or partial refund; nonetheless, NFT CONSTRUCTER maintains the right, in its sole discretion, to deny a refund request for any reason or no reason.

II. Refunds

Refunds may be applied as credit in U.S. dollars or returned to the original credit/debit card or crypto currency account that was used to make the purchase. Refunds in the form of credit will be credited right away to the customer's account. We urge our clients to give us up to 5 business days for credit/debit card refunds to appear in their account balance. In rare circumstances, processing credit or debit cards could take up to 7 working days.

III. Seven Day Guarantee

with the services they have purchased within the first 168 hours (7 days) of their purchase, provided they meet the requirements outlined in this section. Over the lifespan of the customer's account, this guarantee is only good for one service per customer. To request a refund, get in touch with customer care within the first seven days of your purchase. Before you go, we only need a response to one last query: what can we do to improve our services going forward?

IV. Mid-service Cancellation

Mid-service cancellation is not guaranteed to result in a refund after our seven-day guarantee mentioned in section III has expired. NFT CONSTRUCTER has the right to assign credit, although each situation is examined individually.

V. Downtime, Outage, or System Failure Guarantee

You can be eligible for a partial credit refund or an extension of service time if our hardware, network, or service platform malfunctions continuously for a period of time longer than one hour. System upkeep and repair time is not considered or accounted for when calculating service downtime. Prolonged or unexpected maintenance may be eligible, solely at the discretion of NFT CONSTRUCTER. To determine whether a refund could be possible, you would need to contact support. There is no assurance that any hostile assaults on our hardware, network, or services will result in a refund. Refunds are also not available for any customized software that the customer installed themselves or on their own and that results in incorrect issues, failed (crashed) services, or downtime.

VI. Eligible Services

Unfortunately, not all of our services or offerings is subject to a refund. Refunds may be available for any of our shared game servers, web hosting, or telephony services. SSL Certificates, dedicated servers, and domain transfers may not be eligible for a refund and there is no assurance that they will.

VII. Payment Disputes

If a customer ever believes that we have done them wrong, we politely request that they contact us first to work out a solution before filing a chargeback or dispute with their payment processor. When requesting a refund, kindly avoid opening a dispute or chargeback because doing so would simply make the process take longer. Regardless of the resolution, every issue harms our company's standing with our payment gateways. In order to send a report to the payment gateway that has received the dispute, we combine logs of service use, payment authorization, timestamps, IP logs, and support conversations.

VIII: Chargeback and Refund Fees

The customer is liable for paying the fee and may be billed for it if at any point a chargeback or refund results in a fee being charged to NFT CONSTRUCTER Inc. by a payment gateway from a payment made by the customer. In accordance with our Conditions of Service section IIIa, unpaid chargeback costs will be assigned to a collection firm.