Where To Buy NFTs In 2022 Top 20 Marketplaces And How Does It Works

Where To Buy NFTs In 2022 Top 20 MarketplWorksace And How Does It
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Since the record-breaking $69 million sale of a digital collage by crypto artist Beeple in 2021, the world of NFTs has continued to grow. Mila Kunis, Tom Brady, and John Legend, all of whom have enterprises that use NFT technology, are examples of big figures in TV, sports, and music getting in on the trend. That alone may entice individuals to get one for themselves.



Here’s where to get your NFT fix from memes to art and sports collectibles

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The world of NFTs has continued to explode ever since the record-breaking $69 million sale of a digital collage by crypto artist Beeple in 2021. Big names in TV, sports, whew, and music continue to get in on the trend: just look at Mila Kunis, Tom Brady, and John Legend, who all have companies that are maximizing NFT technology. That enough can make people want to buy one for themselves.


· AsyncArt

· Axie Infinity

· Crypto.com

· Decentraland

· Foundation

· KnownOrigin

· MakersPlace

· Mintable

· NBA Top Shot

· Nifty Gateway

· OpenSea

· Rarible

· Sorare

· SuperRare

· The Sandbox

· ThetaDrop

· Valuables

· Venly

· Zeptagram

· Zora

If you're still a little fuzzy on what NFTs are, remember that they're data units (unique codes) that give a secure record of ownership on a blockchain architecture (examples are Ethereum or Solana). Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are frequently connected with a digital asset like a picture or video that is stored on a blockchain.

CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club are two NFT initiatives you may be familiar with. Because NFTs cannot be reproduced or altered, they may be used to monitor ownership of non-replicable property, such as picture rights. This technology is currently being used to purchase digital art, music, and sporting events. We've produced a list of the top 20 locations to visit below.

How to Purchase NFTs

The majority of NFTs are now acquired with ether (ETH), the Ethereum network's native currency, which can be exchanged from US dollars on exchanges such as Coinbase, Kraken, and Gemini.

Unlike Bitcoin, which is primarily used as a payment network, and cryptocurrency, blockchain networks like Ethereum and Solana let users create apps that store personal data and establish rules for sophisticated financial transactions. Smart contracts are digital contracts maintained on a blockchain that is automatically performed when particular criteria are satisfied, such as when an NFT is transferred and royalties are paid to the original artist. 

To purchase NFTs, you must first create a digital wallet in which to keep your money. Gemini, Metamask, Binance, and Coinbase are just a few examples.


 Where can I get NFTs?

According to research issued in January 2022, the worldwide NFT market size is predicted to reach more than $3.5 trillion in 2030 — for comparison, the market size was $340 million in 2020. Despite this, several allegations of theft and fraud have surfaced.

Fees vary greatly, and the power required to run the Ethereum network emits a significant amount of CO2. With that in mind, if you're not sure where to begin, here's a look at 20 markets and what they offer.


Sorare is a cryptocurrency-based fantasy soccer league NFT where users can collect player cards and then use them in online competitions. The site has more than 200 licensed clubs, including the teams of Major League Soccer, and all transactions are done in Ethereum. Though users can participate in the fantasy league by purchasing low-cost digital players, exclusive NFT collectibles outcompete others through scoring multipliers.


Users may purchase and trade digital collectibles from businesses, celebrities, and artists such as Snoop Dogg, Aston Martin, and the UFC on Crypto.com's NFT marketplace. Purchases may be made using a credit or debit card, your Crypto.com account balance, Crypto.com Pay, the app, or an ERC20-compatible wallet like Metamask or WalletConnect.


SuperRare is a peer-to-peer marketplace for single-edition digital artwork purchases and sales. Art, list prices, sale prices, and timed auctions are shown in a tiling of windows similar to an Instagram profile. The site offers an active social feed, a calendar of future exhibits, and an editorial page with profiles and artist statements, as well as a curated selection of artists and companies. The Ethereum network's native coin, ether, is used in all transactions.


Foundation, which opened in February 2021, has held NFT sales of the ubiquitous internet meme Nyan Cat, Pak's Finite, and work by Pussy Riot's Nadya Tolokonnikova and Edward Snowden, among others. The work of the creators is shown in a grid of cards, with hot auctions at the top of the page

and highlighted artists following. Bids can be placed for 24 hours, with a 15-minute extension if bids are placed inside the last 15 minutes. Ethereum is the foundation of the platform.


OpenSea, founded in 2017 by Devin Finzer and Alex Atallah, a software development duo, claims to be "the first and largest NFT marketplace" on its website. Everything from virtual real estate to sound loops by The Weeknd can be found on the marketplace, which can be filtered by price and rarity. A statistics tab, which functions similarly to a stock ticker, ranks sellers based on volume, average sale price, and the number of items sold. The Ethereum, Polygon, and Katyn blockchains are all supported by OpenSea. Buyers can buy fixed-price NFTs directly from sellers or participate in auctions to bid on NFTs, with an offer record saved in the user's profile.


Users may manufacture, buy, and sell digital collectibles ranging from gummy bear GIFs to animated movies honoring sporting accomplishments like boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s unbeaten 50-0 record on Rarible's NFT marketplace.

With a scrollable stack of columns showcasing top sellers, trendy collections, and live auctions, the interface is comparable to Spotify. The most active buyers and sellers may vote for platform updates and participate in moderation decisions using the RARI governance token.


MakersPlace is a digital art gallery centered on creator collections and biographies. The creator issues and signs each piece, which is then permanently recorded and validated by the blockchain. Work may be acquired through digital auctions or set price transactions using ether or a normal credit card on the site, which contains full artist profiles.


Mintable is a two-sided marketplace for buying and selling NFTs that mimic eBay and is backed by Marc Benioff's Time Ventures and billionaire investor Mark Cuban. The site, which is built on the Ethereum and Zilliqa blockchains, is coupled with MetaMask, which allows purchasers to create cryptocurrency wallets. 

Free "gasless" NFTs, short-run printing series, and regular transaction-based things are all choices for creators. Buyers may purchase advertised things or bid on auctions after creating profiles and loading their wallets, with winners notified through email.

Async Art

Users may make and gather interactive NFTs with Async. Artists may tokenize the different layers of their work, whether it's music, video, or images, with Async Art. When a creator creates programmable art, they leave instructions for how their final product should be rendered.

NBA Top Shot

NBA Top Shot, which was launched as a beta by DapperLabs in early 2020, allows fans to collect and exchange NBA and WNBA-licensed digital "moments." Moments are video highlights, player stats, and box scores that are offered in limited-edition packages or through open trading on the larger marketplace. Collectors may show off their chosen collections, follow their favorite teams, and exchange assets that are protected by the Flow blockchain.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a Pokémon-inspired video game in which players acquire cartoon creatures, combat other players, and establish farming kingdoms. It was created by the Vietnamese company Sky Mavis. NFTs, which may be purchased on the web marketplace, are used to encrypt characters and land parcels.


Venly's peer-to-peer NFT marketplace enables users to create, purchase, and sell game characters, weapons, and collectibles without the need for cryptocurrencies. Users may purchase and sell assets from blockchain games like The Sandbox and Vulcan Verse by linking their accounts to digital wallets. Venly claims to be the first blockchain-agnostic marketplace, and it accepts PayPal payments in US currency.

Nifty Gateway

Nifty Gateway is a centralized US dollar marketplace that collaborates with artists and companies to generate Nifties, a branded name for non-financial tokens. Sales are organized around "drops," which are collections that are only accessible for a short period. Nifties can be resold through the site's peer-to-peer marketplace once a drop finishes or an artwork sells out.

Artists and businesses such as Beeple, BD White, Cam Hicks, Forbes, and Playboy have all had work displayed on Nifty Gateway. Nifty Gateway, which is now owned by cryptocurrency exchange Gemini, is a high-volume site with a discovery page and a log of sitewide activity.


Zora is a decentralized auction house with an unabashedly political mission to assist artists to reclaim the value that labels, galleries, and corporate corporations have taken as a commission for service and distribution in the past. Music, video, photos, GIFs, and text NFTs are available for purchase using connected Ethereum wallets such as WalletConnect and Coinbase.

In addition to being a marketplace, Zora is an open-source protocol based on the ERC-721 standard, which is the most widely used standard for NFTs. Creators may purchase and resell NFTs everywhere the protocol is supported, and they can set royalty percentages for secondary sales.


Decentraland is a self-contained marketplace where users may purchase and sell land, estates, avatar apparel, and identities registered on the Ethereum ledger. Its homepage describes it as "the first-ever virtual planet controlled by users." MANA is a fungible ERC20 cryptocurrency token created by Decentraland. In return for LAND plots, MANA is burned or spent.

The Sandbox is a video game in which users may use the Ethereum blockchain to monetize their experiences. The game's use of charge and utility tokens is a cryptocurrency called SAND. Users may upload, publish, and sell NFTs created in VoxEdit, a 3D voxel modeling program, via a web-based marketplace. Purchased or created in the editor creations can be put on land parcels, changing the game dynamics through programmable behavior.


Zeptagram, founded by Christina and Johan Forsman Löwenström in Stockholm, allows musicians to tokenize recordings as NFTs and sell a piece of the ownership rights to fans and investors. Musicians and their supporters gain royalties on secondary sales thanks to smart contracts.

The startup has created its currency, Zeptacoin, which is used on the site to pay royalties and trade music licenses.


Valuables, a site created by Cent, allows users to auction off their tweets in exchange for ether. Buyers can bid by typing the URL of the tweet or the user's handle into a search field. Unless the seller has established a reserve price, the minimum offer starts at $1. The bidder is taken to the seller's tweet after placing a bid, where they may notify the user that they have made an offer. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey famously sold his autographed initial tweet for $2.9 million on this site.


ThetaDrop is a "quick, inexpensive, green" NFT marketplace powered by the Theta Network, a video, and entertainment blockchain. Live streaming during auctions and NFT drops, as well as tie-ins to live television and cable broadcasts, are all part of ThetaDrop. The World Poker Tour was the first tournament to be held.


KnownOrigin is an artist-driven NFT marketplace for rare digital art that allows both collectors and artists to trade their NFT art on Ethereum.


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