Following 7 Effective Tools For Tracking NFT Collectors & Trades

The Following 7 Effective Tools For Tracking NFT Collectors & Trades
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It should go without saying that in the NFT industry, things move quickly. And as a result, it is challenging and even practically impossible to remain current with mint dates, project reveals, timed auctions, and the like. However, monitoring collectors and significant trades can occasionally be more challenging.

Because of this, several businesses have created complete tool suites to aid in the process simplification. We’re not just talking about trading services like Rarity tools and Trait Sniper, but those that make it easy to collate data about projects and individuals.

Being aware of significant occurrences is essential in the non-fungible ecosystem since one trade from an NFT whale may drastically alter the course of a whole collection.

Tracking Twitter feeds or Discord announcements is only one way to get things done. We have compiled a list of services that will help collectors of all levels track trades and collect.

7 Effective Tools For Tracking NFT 


Among the few cryptocurrencies and NFT tracking services available, Ninjalerts is a potential participant. It allows users to identify specific contract or wallet addresses and receive notifications when there is a change on either front, despite being somewhat more recent than some of the other platforms featured below. Undoubtedly a useful function.

When minting begins, NFT disclosures take place, or whales and influencers decide to move next, users can receive push alerts on their phones at that same time. The ability to acquire a lifetime license to the mobile and web app in the form of an NFT via the company's official Open Sea storefront is one of the finest things about Ninjalerts.


A platform for analytics called Nansen combines on-chain data with a sizable database that has millions of wallet labels and is continually expanding. From its collection of user-friendly dashboards, Nansen provides features like wallet profilers, smart notifications, even top holder and token distribution statistics, and more.

With millions of wallet labels, Nansen is an analytics platform that integrates on-chain data with a sizable and always expanding database. Nansen's collection of user-friendly dashboards includes features like wallet profilers, smart alarms, even information on the top holders, and token distribution.

Although rather expensive (as some of these services tend to be), Nansen offers consumers alternatives like downloadable data, unique insights/reports, live DEX trading updates, and more in addition to tracking collectors and trades. Nansen appears to be one of the most often used options among NFT analytics services since it has survived the ups and downs of the NFT industry.

Icy. tools

The service is Icy. tools launched in the midst of the NFT market boom and offers a tonne of excellent analytics tools. Users may easily find hot projects on the platform, and they can also keep tabs on floor prices, volume, past sales, and other information.

A relatively small monthly subscription may be used to access premium functionality for many of the tools on the Icy. tools platform, which is otherwise free. NFT maximalists favor the firm because it has a voice that is closely matched with the NFT community's values.

DappRadar Portfolio Tracker

NFT sales and collection data are centralized on DappRadar for a long time. However, the site expanded its products to include a straightforward method to manage Ethereum wallets in real-time with the 2020 release of its portfolio tracker.

Users may quickly input an ENS name or wallet address from the Polygon, Binance, or Ethereum chains to view the token, NFT balance, and net worth of that wallet. A portfolio tracker is a useful tool for tracking individual portfolios even though notifications and transaction analyses are somewhat constrained. Defi and NFT financial statistics are readily available.

Rainbow Wallet

One of the most well-liked Ethereum wallets in the NFT market, Rainbow Wallet, also functions as a portfolio tracker, which may surprise some people. Users may add an account to a watchlist on Rainbow by simply typing in the Ethereum wallet address or ENS name of another collector. This allows users to see the wallet's entire contents in-app.

Once added, the ENS name or account number will be displayed in the dropdown option on the account balances screen. Users may view the coins that are in a certain wallet, their value, the NFTs that are in that wallet, and even their recent transaction history by switching back and forth between watchlist entries.


Marketplace Activity Trackers

The NFT marketplace activity pages are one of the greatest locations to start watching a particular collector or collection, even if it might seem obvious. If you already know the wallet or token address you want to examine recent transactions linked with, you may enter it into the search field on OpenSea, Lookarare, Raible, and other sites. Take a look at the weekend's wallet in the screenshot above.

Marketplace activity monitors are straightforward and useful tools that are occasionally disregarded by NFT collectors and traders, despite the fact that the other tools on this list are unquestionably more effective and comprehensive. Do you want a fast overview of the NFTs someone has traded during the last 48 hours? Start with what they are doing in the market.


Etherscan is last but by no means least.   Users may obtain a close-up view of the Ethereum blockchain's inner workings with the help of Etherscan. Learning how to utilize Etherscan, unquestionably the most well-liked block explorer for the Ethereum blockchain may be quite helpful for any level of NFT fan, collector, or trader.

You may follow blocks as they are validated as well as token and wallet transactions in real-time. You can find out a tonne of information about which tokens and NFTs are owned by an ENS name of 0x address and read the ledger of transactions connected lot that particular address by typing it into the search field.


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