A Growing Diversified Community NFTs And Japanese Culture

A Growing Diversified Community NFTs And Japanese Culture
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Tokens that are not fungible thrive best in highly technologically sophisticated societies like Japan. Although NFTS adoption in Japan has been sluggish so far, we think the environment is ideal for the technology's long-term growth and development.



NFT's Residence in the East

The fundamental traits of NFTs are consistent with Japanese ideals. Japanese pupils can be taught omoiyari, or awareness and concern of others, at an early age. This approach is comparable to the development of communities and consideration of entrance barriers that are typical of NFT initiatives.

Values like ganbaru (effort) and gaman (enduring), acquired via years of high-quality education, as well as general socializing, drive constant learning, which is necessary to use Web3 technologies and get beyond obstacles.

The NFT community in Japan is only now starting to take shape. We'll provide a general summary of this region from the standpoint of cultural exports. particularly video games and comics.


Coin Otaku

A cryptocurrency called OtakuCoin positions itself as a community for anime aficionados. Otaku is a term used in Japanese to describe those who deeply love anime. Users of the community earn coins in the OtakuCoin app by viewing anime trailers or posting about their experiences on social media. 

Direct feedback from the public helps anime companies close the gap between the public and the producers.



In The Mangaverse And Anime


Manga serves as an influence on the Japanese animation style known as anime. Manga is similar to the Western comic books that gave rise to them after World War II. Thus, the word "mangaverse," which plays off "metaverse," was created. 

Established manga and anime provide obvious prospects for transfer into the metaverse in the form of non-fungible tokens due to their visual nature and long history.



Clone X avatars are cute, but they have a disadvantage. Murakami's Flowers project, on the other hand, takes a step forward with its brilliant dots, which are reminiscent of Japanese television games from the 1970s.

However, there is some risk involved. To the brilliant hues, the number 108, which is associated with bone and earthly caresses, stands in contrast. The project hinges on this exact amount since there will be a total of 11664 adds-fungible tokens accessible when the 108 backgrounds and 108 floral images are combined.


Festival NFT 2022


NFT Festa held entirely in the metaverse in the spring of 2022, drew more than 500 NFT artists, focusing on French and Japanese creators. No crypto wallet was necessary to attend the seven-day event, which was free.

Data submission was open to anybody who could launch a project, supporting NFTs' claim that they provide a more fair playing field. Unknowns could be seated next to a well-known, respected person in the show!



According to our statistics, Azuki was the seventh most popular NFT collectibles brand at the time the article was published. The user gains entry to The Garden Metaverse by purchasing an Azuki NFT. The philosophy that directs NFTs themselves may be found at the center of the Azuki metaverse:

creating inclusive communities

Recognize the constraints that recur and restrict us in our everyday environments.

decision-making that is distributed

future physical environment

Although Azuki especially belongs to the manga heritage, we wanted to make it clear that the idea is not Japanese. It does, however, represent an acknowledgment of where the NFT community is concerning this specific culture.


Blockchain Gaming and Japan

Numerous non-fungible token ideas share elements of blockchain gaming and Japan Games. Two Japanese games were published at the very beginning of the blockchain gaming era: My Crypto Heroes and Brave Frontier Heroes by Double Jump Tokyo.

However, we may conclude that the Japanese Virtual Currency Exchange Association's certification of the Enjin Coin in March 2021 provided a platform for further initiatives to enter the Japanese market. Square Enix, on the other hand, has fully committed to the potential of NFTs, blockchain games, and the metaverse in general

Murakami's NFT Flowers remembers the early years of Japanese gaming as the Azuki community creates a game for its metaverse. Some of those first game companies are still in business. 

Nintendo and Sega have expressed interest in NFT initiatives among them, however, neither company has yet to detail the nature of its projects. Square Enix, on the other hand, has fully committed to the potential of NFTs, blockchain games, and the metaverse in general.


The Enjin Ecosystem

As of now, Enjin Coin's (ENJ) principal contribution has consisted in receiving approval from the Japanese Virtual Currency Exchange Association (JVCEA). ENJ was the very first token for gaming that received this kind of approval. It was developed by a Singapore-based firm with the same name. Their gaming platform has more than 20 million players.

ENJ"s major strength is its design with gamers in mind, unlike other cryptocurrencies. Enjoy functions as an exchange currency for different games, where players can earn NFT loot.


NFTs' Role in safeguarding cultural authenticity

Numerous NFT projects can succeed or fail based on their genuineness. In cases when a nation's culture is important, such as Japan's involvement in the cultural exports we've discussed here, we think authenticity is a more urgent concern.

 NFT or metaverse-based creators that highlight a rich cultural background would be wise to include it in their main theme. Investors are in the same boat. An effort that attempts to draw from the past without taking context into account may have an attractive exterior but a flawed history and culture below.

The mangaverse has a strong global presence, and well-known Japanese companies are starting to invest in the metaverse.


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